Udarnik Theatre, Moscow, Russia

The general concept of the design focuses on the various ways of experiencing art. Three museological rooms, heart of the Udarnik project, differ regarding user experiences. Large differences of scale and light atmosphere stimulate the museological experience. The three exhibition rooms are modules that can be arranged differently, this ensures the flexibility and continuity of Udarnik: The Incubator on the groundfloor, a central hall as a free introduction to art but also to emphasize the special activities within the building: a warm welcome. A coffee shop and a book store at the corners strengthen the ‘plaza’ feeling of the central space. The Labyrinth in the basement with exhibition cabinets dividing the hall in smaller gallery rooms with better proportions for art rooms. The Large Vaulted Hall on the first floor, the impressive room with a large scale and a saturation of natural lights: the vault as a protective shelter for art.  Side-program like the ‘Creative Center’ and the ‘Restaurant’ are surrounding the exhibition spaces and function as a connection between the museum and the outside world.
Shalva Breus Foundation
Robbrecht en Daem architecten
transformation of the constructivist cinema Udarnik by Boris Iofan (1931) into a museum for contemporary Russian art
Moscow, Russia
Floor Area
6.765 m2
Paul Robbrecht, Hilde Daem, Johannes Robbrecht, Thomas Hick, Trice Hofkens, Sofie Reynaert, Chrispijn Van Sas
Execution Architect
Arup Moscow, Portner, Tiamat Proekt
Tiamat Proekt
Structural Engineering
Arup Moscow
Services Engineering
Arup Moscow
Arup Moscow