Carhartt WIP, Antwerp, Belgium

For the established clothing brand Carhartt, Robbrecht en Daem renovated an existing building into a new location in Antwerp. The building was given a new plinth and the windows in the front facade were extended to the plinth so that the building can be fully read as a shop. At the same time, opening up the windows allows more light into the shop and the studio, which was appropriate given the depth of the plot.
Inside, the monumental value of some historical interior elements was also revealed. Interior architect Andrea Caputo then went to work on these, taking charge of the interior design.
The collection is divided between the ground floor and the first floor. Rather unusual for the type of shop, the owner chose to incorporate a coffee bar on the first floor, allowing for more interaction with the customers.
Work In Progress Textilhandels GmbH, vertegenwoordigd door Trigom BVBA
Robbrecht en Daem architecten
Renovation of an existing commercial building to a new store with an apartment above
Antwerp, Belgium
Floor Area
866 m2
Paul Robbrecht, Hilde Daem, Johannes Robbrecht, Kim Poorters, Florence Himpe, Lara Kinds, Suzanne Desmet, Layla Lavens, Sofie Weytjens
Structural Engineering
Vesting BVBA
Services Engineering
Tech 3 BV
Interior Architect
Andrea Caputo
Promanys BVBA