De Causmaecker House, Lokeren, Belgium

The nineteenth-century, rather dark mansion with a narrow, long city garden in the center was transformed into a contemporary light-filled residence with a pharmacy. Above the renovated pharmacy and between the volumes of the main building, a patio gives a view of the tower of the 18th-century baroque church through wall-high windows, while a skylight brings daylight into the pharmacy workspace. The patio is like a heart between the various activities of the family. The extension at the back of the house is built in a light steel structure that again allows a lot of light into the house and connects to a pergola through which climbing plants reach the facade. At the back of the garden, old garages were converted into a meditation room and garden house with large windows and a second pergola. Through a wealth of rare flowers, plants and trees, one walks to the garden room which is connected to the house like an umbilical cord.
De Causmaecker
Robbrecht en Daem architecten, Marie-José Van Hee architecten
Private house and pharmacy
Lokeren, Belgium
Paul Robbrecht, Hilde Daem, Sofie Delaere, Shin Hagiwara