Canal Houses Interior Apartment, Ghent, Belgium

In the Canal Houses apartment building – designed by Robbrecht and Daem architecten – a three-story penthouse apartment was also furnished by the architects. The sober and warm design is achieved through the textures and colors of the materials. A striking feature is the floor in light gray Piedmont Serena, which is a neutral base for the installation of artworks. An oak staircase connects the two other levels where the floor is also in oak planks. The main room is the library overlooking the canal that integrates the art collection. The bookcases and blinds for the windows are in pear wood, as are the wooden supports for the library light fixtures. The kitchen, bedrooms and dressing room are also in the same wood, which gives the interior a soft pink glow. The bathrooms are tiled with Moroccan terracotta tiles. The office furniture is in walnut – which provides contrast – with curtains in fine white linen. The whole is a place that, through the use of natural materials and the harmony of colors, exudes tranquility above all.
Robbrecht en Daem architecten
interior design apartments
Ghent, Belgium
Hilde Daem, Paul Robbrecht, Sofie Dealere, Hugo Vanneste
Structural Engineering
Bureau Gyselinck
Services Engineering
Bureau Stockman
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