Sports Tower, Brussels, Belgium

On the banks of the channel running through Brussels, this layered project combines a gymnasium, 16m high indoor & outdoor climbing facilities , a multipurpose sports hall and padel fields on top. The aim of the design is to inscribe itself in the specific context and thus increase the cohesion of the canal area, strengthen its identity and give extra quality to the public and open spaces. A public balcony, a kiosk, a viewpoint and cafétaria can attract a wide variety of athletes and visitors. Not everyone needs a membership card to enjoy the lively atmosphere the project will bring.

The proposed support structure has an iconic expression which emerged out of the technical constraints on site (keep an area free for quayside maintenance and avoiding foundations on top of the underground Zenne River). The structure defines the interiors and the openings in the facade. It is both logical and generous enough to accommodate a wide variety of uses in the future.

The canopies on the ground floor and the setback of the façade anchor the building on the site next to the turning basin and the busy road bordering the site. We see great quality in the design of a refined façade with a number of remarkable openings that give the building a recognisable and unique appearance. We take in light and offer a view where it is appropriate and therefore propose a financially, energetic and ecological responsible project. The largely opaque facade as well as the free standing tower and passerelles create links with the warehouses and industrial buildings which characterise the Noordwijk and canal area.
Brussels Region, sau-msi Brussels
Robbrecht en Daem architecten, Dierendonckblancke architecten, Veldhuis architectuur
Sport infrastructure
Brussels, Belgium
Floor Area
6450 m2
Johannes Robbrecht, Brecht De Roose
Structural Engineering
Ney & Partners
Services Engineering
JZH & Partners
Daidalos Peutz
Fire Engineering