Archive Jef Verheyen, Heffen, Belgium

In an old village school in Heffen, a former classroom was transformed into an archive for the work of artist Jef Verheyen (1932-1984). The space was completely renovated and the climate control system was adapted – the latter not insignificant given the fragility of the works. A long cabinet was integrated into the project on which the artist’s works can be permanently displayed. The cabinet acts as a connecting plinth between the works and as a tool for preparing exhibitions. In concrete terms, the cabinet was given a specific height that makes the displayed works visible at eye level, like in a gallery. The entire space is also set up to be flexible in the future. As an adaptable annex to a dwelling, this space can also serve as a residence in case of changing needs, with all facilities available.
Jef Veheyen archive
Robbrecht en Daem architecten
Archive for the work of Jef Verheyen
Heffen, Belgium
Hilde Daem, Luc Beckestedde, Robrecht Debaillie, Lara Kinds
Floor Area
97 m2