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Just Completed: New Gallery Xavier Hufkens
We are pleased to announce the opening of the new St-Georges gallery of Xavier Hufkens with a large-scale exhibition by Christopher Wool (b. 1955). Curated by Anne Pontégnie, this comprehensive presentation will span four floors of the new building. The exhibition will focus on recent developments in Wool’s practice and the processes of reproduction employed by the artist across media. 

The design by Robbrecht en Daem architecten holds a special connection to the building’s history. Thirty years ago, the collaboration between Xavier Hufkens and the architects Robbrecht en Daem and Marie-José van Hee began. This story is now continuing in a fundamental architectural reinterpretation of the gallery. In 1992, the architects had already signed for the conversion of the existing classical mansion into a gallery. Three decades later, Hufkens still looks at that realization as the place where artists markedly like to come and continue to come, and where an audience has formed in harmony with the art place. 

Entering the new gallery is an immediate confrontation with art. The new building represents an exceptional increase in scale for the gallery: in terms of space, physical capacity, logistical options and possibilities within the gallery's portfolio. With its spatial status, the Hufkens gallery wishes to be a real place of encounters, between people and art.