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Sports Tower: Competition Proposal
We proudly present you our competition proposal for the Sports Tower in Brussels, Belgium. The result of a close collaboration between Dierendonckblancke architecten, Robbrecht en Daem architecten and veldhuis architectuur. On the banks of the canal running through Brussels, this layered project combines a gymnasium, 16m high indoor & outdoor climbing facilities , a multipurpose sports hall and padel fields on top. The specific shape provides a balcony and a circulation tower as public belvederes overlooking the city and the dock. Natural daylight comes through triangular and diamond shaped cut outs in the light weight façade.
The team was constituted of Dierendonckblancke architecten, Robbrecht en Daem architecten, veldhuis architectuur, Ney & Partners, JZH & Partners and das Bauer Kabinett.