Battersea Campus of the Royal College of Art  London, United Kingdom, 2016

New Battersea South campus of the Royal College of Art

Royal College of Art

London, United Kingdom



Floor surface
15.000 sqm

Robbrecht en Daem architecten

Competition team
Robbrecht en Daem architecten
Levitt Bernstein
Witherford Watson Mann Architects


The new extension of the Royal College of Art at Battersea is a piece of art infrastructure. Free ‘platforms’ for creation allow current and future flexibility. As a terraced extension of the street an additional collective space - ‘the Stoa’, encourages interaction between staff, students and researchers. The hybrid nature of its design makes it the focal emblematic space the whole RCA community can associate with - a new identity symbolising the productive capacity and empirical approach of the institute. Additional light shafts are added to the composition. They strew an abundant day light deep into the building volume and provide natural ventilation. The building focuses on general well-being and on a holistic, sustainable approach. It will be a place with innovation and creativity at its heart.