Greenwich Café  Brussels, Belgium, 2010

Restoration and refurbishment of a Grand Café in the centre of Brussels

De Nieuwe Werkhuizen

Kartuizerstraat 5-7, 1000 Brussels

2007 - 2010


Floor surface
420 sqm

Robbrecht en Daem architecten

Suzanne Desmet
Griet Ollivier
Kim Poorters

Structural engineering
Lemco bvba, Aalst, Belgium

Conservation Advisor
Ruben Willaert bvba, Sijsele, Belgium

The Greenwich café is an iconic Grand Café in the centre of Brussels. Following discussions with the Royal Commission of Monuments and Landscapes of the District of Brussels, a Building Permit was obtained for the restoration of this listed building which was placed on the List of Buildings of Remarkable Architectural Heritage in 2000.

The ground floor façade, the stained glass cupola above the Winter Garden, and the remarkable interiors of the café were respectfully restored to their original grandeur, dating back to 1914. Small-scale interventions to the famous restrooms and a new kitchen at basement level ensure a new future for the Greenwich as a Brasserie.

The chess players for which the café is best known find the central part of the interior remaining reserved for their gatherings whilst regulars and a new clientele are able to enjoy their Belgian beer and a small meal amidst the authentic and quiet atmosphere.