Maarten Van Den Driessche, editor and author of ‘Robbrecht en Daem – An Architectural Anthology’, will give a lecture on ‘the making of’ the book. Van Den Driessche will present an insight into how the book was created and compiled around 5 themes, 9 key projects, 11 titles, 49 voices, 63 projects and 75 glosses. He will deal with both the noted successes and the smaller, unknown projects from Robbrecht en Daem architecten in Belgium and abroad.

This lecture will take place in both Bruges (Belgium) and London (United Kingdom).

Date: Tuesday 20th February 2018
Location: Concertgebouw
‘t Zand 34, 8000 Bruges
The Making Of: sold out

Organized by Archipel vzw, Brugge
With the support of Reynaers Aluminium


The lecture in London marks the UK launch of the book and will include contributions from Paul and Johannes Robbrecht; the Anthology's editor, Maarten Van Den Driessche; and contributing writer, Architecture Foundation director, Ellis Woodman.

Date: Friday 9th March 2018
Location: Milton Court, Barbican Centre
Silk St, London EC2Y 9BH
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Organized by The Architecture Foundation
in partnership with The Barbican