An Architectural Anthology – Limited Edition


The Limited Edition of Robbrecht en Daem. An Architectural Anthology is a special edition of 105 numbered and autographed copies of the book, each containing a unique watercolour hand-painted by Paul Robbrecht.

The watercolour represents a female figure: Louise Sirena. She is the counterpart of Louie, a proportional system named after the American architect Louis Kahn that has been used as a guideline in recent projects by Robbrecht en Daem architecten. The numbers 3, 5 and 7 form the system’s starting point. The numbers are multiplied by one another to create a mathematical series. 105 cm is Robbrecht en Daem’s gentle opposition to one metre.

Louise Sirena, 2017
Paul Robbrecht
Watercolour on paper
21 x 15 cm

Price: €315 (shipping costs excluded)
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